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The Santa Cruz civil litigation attorneys at Penrose Chun & Gorman LLP include highly qualified lawyers who represent clients in mediations, arbitrations, hearings, and trials before federal and state courts and administrative agencies. We have decades of experience and take a “hands-on” approach to all of our cases from the first meetings with clients through investigation, settlement efforts, mediation, arbitration, and trial.  Most cases are settled either through direct negotiations with the other side or with the assistance of a mediator or settlement conference judge, but every case must be assessed and evaluated at the outset as if it could go to trial so that the evidence and financial risks and benefits are always put in the most important perspective.

What is civil litigation?

Various types of disputes fall under the description of civil litigation. These are conflicts between people or businesses that are resolved by payment of money or orders from the court, as opposed to criminal prosecutions brought by the government. Civil litigation has different rules on discovery and evidence, and offers more potential methods of reaching a resolution. Before you decide how to proceed, we’ll outline all of your options in detail.  

What types of cases do civil lawyers handle?

Our firm advocates on behalf of our clients in numerous types of civil litigation matters, including cases relating to:

  • Real estate — We represent clients in real estate disputes arising from purchase and sale contracts, leases, easements and licenses, boundary disputes, commercial and residential landlord-tenant disputes and evictions.
  • Contracts — Businesses and individuals often have disagreements over performance of a contract. Whether your case stems from an alleged failure to perform, changed circumstances or interpretation of language within the agreement, we offer strong advice and advocacy.
  • Construction law — Conflicts often develop regarding new construction, repairs, or remodels of residential and commercial buildings. The disputes have specific procedural and substantive laws and are often quite complex factually and legally and involve specialized experts. We offer highly experienced construction defect attorneys who provide effective advocacy to parties engaged in disputes over alleged defects in the work of contractors and subcontractors, alleged breaches of contractual obligations, standards of care and claims of deficiencies and mis-installation of products.
  • Personal injury claims — As proven litigators who represent injured parties as well as defendants and their insurance companies, we offer clients special insight into negligence claims. Our firm handles all types of personal injury cases, including auto accidents, slip and fall incidents and dog bites.
  • Fire damage Claims - The attorneys in our firm have extensive experience in evaluating, negotiating and litigating claims for fire damage on behalf of owners of residential and commercial properties in disputes with insurance companies and contractors, and in dealing with attendant real estate and permit issues. Having worked both for and against insurance companies and contractors, and because of our representation of property owners in real estate matters, we have a broad understanding of the multiple legal facets of fire claims.
  • Agriculture law — Throughout the Central Coast, our firm assists farmers, distributors, shippers and clients withlegal issues at every stage of the agricultural supply chain. These matters can involve government regulations, real estate rights, personal injury claims, contract disputes and environmental concerns.

Regardless of what caused your dispute, we will use our 100 years of combined legal experience to pursue a favorable outcome for you.

How the civil litigation process works in California

A civil lawsuit is initiated by the filing of a Summons and Complaint. From there, we evaluate the facts, legal issue, and economics of the case with an eye towards cost-effective resolution. If cases do not settle quickly, we begin the discovery process, which can include depositions, document requests, and interrogatories. Throughout the process, we seek ways to achieve an advantageous settlement, but if the case goes to trial, you can count on our accomplished trial lawyers.

What types of remedies can be expected in a civil litigation case?

Typically, legal relief in a civil matter is granted through an award of damages to a successful plaintiff. In certain instances, a party will pursue an equitable remedy, such as injunction to stop a defendant from engaging in a certain type of conduct. As you assess what type of action to take, we’ll give you honest, informed advice on the potential remedies available given the facts and the applicable law.

What are potential grounds for appeal in California?

If you believe that you suffered an adverse result at trial due to a legal error, you might consider filing an appeal. Under California law, the Notice of Appeal must be submitted within 60 days of the judgment, so it’s important to seek prompt advice from a qualified litigator. Potential appeal grounds could include the admission of improper evidence, problems with the credentials of an expert witness, or an incorrect application of existing laws. Disagreement with a factual decision is not appealable.  

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