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California firm handles residential and commercial property issues

The Santa Cruz real estate attorneys of Penrose Chun & Gorman LLP represent clients in a variety of property-related matters. Serving Santa Cruz, Monterey, San Benito and Santa Clara counties, we provide effective advice and advocacy to families and companies. Whether you seek counsel on a property transaction, are engaged in a landlord-tenant dispute, or have questions about a boundary line, title, or easement dispute or any other concern related to real property rights, residential or commercial property ,we can help. Our attorneys are also experienced in the resolution of real property title and easement matters.

Santa Cruz lawyers offer valuable guidance during property transactions

Once a real estate transaction is completed, it’s too late to address oversights and correct language that harms your interests. From the moment you consider buying or selling a property, a knowledgeable California real estate lawyer can help you avoid common pitfalls and negotiate a transaction agreement that meets your needs. We assist individuals and businesses at every stage of the sales process so that potential problems are resolved completely and the closing process can commence on schedule.

Skillful attorneys protect clients’ interests in landlord-tenant matters

In situations involving leased residential and commercial properties in California, our firm represents landlords and tenants. Whether you’re looking to negotiate a lease or are involved in a dispute over a property that is already being rented, we’ll safeguard your interests. Our firm handles matters relating to rent disputes, requested repairs, property conditions, evictions, and conflicts over how a leased property is being used.

Knowledgeable attorneys advise on property contracts and agreements

Property rights are granted and formalized through a wide array of agreements, contracts, and filings with government authorities. It does not matter if you are looking to initiate a home purchase or clarify whether a particular enterprise is permitted under local zoning rules, we can help with the preparation, negotiation, interpretation, and enforcement of real estate documents. These can include contracts and other agreements pertaining to:

  • Boundaries — If a question exists about property lines, easement, or the rights to certain resources, we conduct a thorough investigation to find the truth. Whether it’s a dispute between homeowners or agricultural litigation addressing access to water, we offer strong legal support.
  • Use and maintenance — Questions about conditions or how a property can be used might hold up a real estate transaction. Our firm works to gain a clear understanding of the facts and strives to achieve a resolution that maximizes value for our clients.
  • Title and easements — Before purchasing a property, you should be aware of any possible title defect, easement ,or encroachment affecting the parcel. Should a potential concern exist, our attorneys work diligently to cure any infringement and clarify the parties’ rights.
  • Construction — We are seasoned construction litigation attorneys who know how to avert problems by carefully crafting contracts for building and repair projects. If a dispute arises, we are skillful advocates for both property owners and contractors.  

Even something that appears to be a small concern could seriously threaten the value of your real estate investment. With so much on the line, it’s wise to retain an accomplished property lawyer to explain your options and represent your interests.

Experienced legal counselors seek favorable solutions to real estate disputes

A conflict over a boundary, purported easement, title, or some other property concern threatens the value of a real estate investment. In all types of real estate disputes, we thoroughly investigate the relevant facts and develop effective strategies to obtain a favorable resolution as promptly as possible. Our familiarity with the relevant laws and local concerns gives our clients an advantage during disagreements over property rights.

Determined advocates represent parties in real estate litigation

Litigation might be a last resort, but if that is the best way to secure the outcome you seek in a real estate dispute, we are skillful courtroom advocates. In conflicts over land use, property lines, leases, and other types of contractual arrangements, our firm presents effective, well-supported arguments. You can also rely on us for strong representation in property cases that implicate other areas of law as well, such as disputes over construction and agricultural operations.

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