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When I needed a trust litigator, an attorney suggested Steve Penrose. Proceeding quickly, Steve marshaled lots of information and used discovery to focus the issues. He dealt effectively with opposing counsel, wrote thoughtful, persuasive pleadings, and prepared all the appropriate witnesses. In trial over 5 days, Steve had every fact, scrap of paper and legal authority close at hand, and he used it all skillfully to rebut opposition and win our case. Steve was great to work with. I highly recommend him.

– Roger

Steve was fantastic in helping us navigate my mother’s estate. He helped me understand the legal process, kept other family members within legal bounds and masterfully prepared my court case leading to our success. I highly recommend him!

– Robert N.

I have been represented by Mr. Penrose since 1998, during which time he has successfully settled various complex family estate probate issues for me. He has the unique expertise of being a probate attorney with litigation background. In some of my cases, litigation and mediation have been required and I have not had to retain a second attorney, as many estate probate attorneys are not litigators. Steve is very organized and thoroughly methodical. He is a pleasure to work with, as he can explain the most intricate, complicated issues in an easy to understand manner.

– J. K. Fuentes

Rochelle is wonderful – so helpful. Secretary/greeter is very nice. Everyone with whom we have met is great. Steve is what anyone would need in a lawyer.

– Doreen

Steven Penrose orchestrated and executed a strategy to settle a difficult situation involving 5 lawyers, a trustee, a judge, a commercial broker and several owners. He maintained a singular focus to accomplish my goals as fast as possible. His billing hours were fair and justified. Steven was thorough, communicative and efficient throughout the one year period which could have been much longer. I highly recommend Steven and Penrose, Chun & Gorman for legal help.

– Suzanne

Real Estate Litigation – Edward L. Chun

Had a clear vision of the case and possible outcomes.

– B. Reed

Ed Chun and staff were on top of my case and provided excellent legal advice and guidance throughout. I would not hesitate to call on Ed Chun again for legal service.

– Anon.

J. Kenneth “Ken” Gorman

Ken Gorman has been our attorney for 30 years through long and very difficult cases with excellent results on all of them. We are very grateful to Ken for all his hard work and trust in us. Ken was very organized and methodical in masterfully putting together all our intricate and complicated cases. He coordinated everything perfectly. Ken is very dedicated, a man of integrity, and trustworthy, and a pleasure to work with.He helped our family get through some unbelievable and horrific times. He is very compassionate, but also a tough fighter, and not intimidated. You definitely want him on your side. We couldn’t have made it through these very complicated cases without Ken’s intelligence, litigation and investigative skills. Our cases were on nationally televised TV shows and Ken did an excellent job guiding us through those TV programs and offering his expertise. Thank you Ken, for all your hard work and support in our times of great need! You are the best!

– Dr. & Mrs. C.

Ken Gorman is an exceptional lawyer. When he took my case he clearly laid out all my options, including avoiding a lawsuit. When we proceeded on my case he handled every step with adept precision and expertise. While my matter ended favorably, Ken’s professionalism and experience secured my trust and faith in any outcome.


Ken has provided excellent legal representation to me in some difficult matters and I would highly recommend him.


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